About Samuthána

Growth, Rising, Increase, Performance of work, Origin,.…

Those, in Sanskrit, are some of the meanings of the word Samuthána.

Conceived with those meanings at heart and with a purpose of Creating World-class Companies and Exceptional Leaders, we at Samuthana Consultancoaching LLP strive to convert potential into action, action into good practices, the natural path to success. We do this by a simple philosophy, we truly believe in… the Socratic Method.

There is a success story within each of us... it is guidance, not teaching, that brings it out.

Happily, over the last few years of extensive interaction, we have seen the success of this philosophy in the remarkable transformation in Individuals as well as Corporates, who wanted their ambitions to drive them to success.

Inspired by this success the doHow® has been developed using technology as an enabler for consistency and scalability.

With our proven ‘knowHow & doHow’ of those best practices and guidance on their most effective execution, these face-to-face, interactive programs and specifically the doHow® Management Game and doHow® Practices in the Web and Android APP, promote introspection and stimulate progressive thinking towards that single goal.

For example, in our transformation program on “Business Development” one gets to think on understanding market and buyer's decision factors for the top line growth. Likewise, in our transformation program on “Giving the best in Interviews” one gets to think of inculcating the desire to excel performing any task.

Further, the regular reinforcements inherent in the APP and stressed in subsequent sessions, allow self-assessment and continuous validation of the practice in real time. As in the philosophy, with each interactive session, the good practices become natural good habits… the stepping stones to betterment.

While the programs are generic, they can easily be structured and customised to suit your specific needs.

About Founder

Introducing Mr. Dinakar Murthy Krishna, a Business Transformation, Manufacturing and Strategy Execution Expert. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Production Engineering from BMS College and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers.

His career of over 30 years, with almost half abroad in Brazil and Germany has been marked with driving change, while creating many global good practices. Among his achievements, the most commendable ones are implementing manufacturing guidelines for the international production network as a Director and transforming the Bosch Jaipur Plant as a Vice-President.

He is a staunch proponent of conscious changes in a company; a lack of which, he believes freezes learning leading to erosion in value creation. As a Senior Assessor of Business Excellence, World Class Manufacturing, Zero-Defect-Zero-Effect, he has been assessing companies, MSMEs to MNCs, for more than 10 years.

Currently Holding the position of a doHow® Coach in Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP, founded by him, his roles involve consultative coaching for companies, teams and individuals. Based on the trademarked doHow®, created by him, Dinakar enables his clients to achieve amazing outcomes with execution excellence.

People identifying actionable insights and getting inspired playing the doHow® Management Game and people focussing on Doing with Timeout Consultancoaching, is indeed the icing on the cake.

Our Mission

Creating World Class Companies and Exceptional Leaders with an Identity linked to Innovation, Quality, Value Addition, Dependability, Learning, Inclusive Growth and Sustainability.

Our Vision

Create more than 100 exceptional leaders and world class companies through Consultancoaching.

Our Values

Financial Stability for Sustained CSR Activities Responsibility towards Customers, Industry and Society Networking through Confidentiality, Reliability, Openness and Trust