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How do I participate in the daily doHow® Webworkshop?

Please register by visiting the Webinar Registration Page and participate. 

Team Management related

I find my team members are not responding the way I expect them to?

Well, how about getting all your team members play the doHow® Game, to start with the Soft Skills Edition. As the doHow® Game progresses all your team members will discuss very critical topics naturally while deeply introspecting. By the end of the session they would have identified the necessary immediate actionable measures to proactively understand your requirements and then fulfil them with ownership.

You could otherwise ask yourself 1) How do you want to overcome it?, 2) Do they have any hindrance to achieve? and 3) Are you treating them well?

I end up doing my team member’s work? How can doHow® help me?

The doHow® Game Leadership Edition works around the challenges to first inspire your team get engaged, enhance your persuasion skills, refine your delegation skills and finally on developing your team members for achieving amazing outcomes.

Target related

How do I ensure my team achieves the targets?

Team are targets are achieved by trusting your team to perform by encouraging your top performers to over achieve while supporting the under performers.

Achieving any target or realizing any goal has 5 basic steps.

Get the entire team inspired, engaged and enthused to achieve the targets/goals (Amazing Outcomes)

Evolve the strategies to achieve the targets/goals together with your team for your team to feel included

Plan out just the most important immediate measures derived from the strategies and decide how to monitor the progress

Enable your team to execute/deploy the measures by providing the necessary resources, organization, processes, finance, knowHow, doHow,….

Regularly review the progress and refine the measures and strategies followed by updating standards for organizational learning for consistently identifying and achieving amazing outcomes

The doHow® Game Edition “Defining the Amazing Outcome in Organisations” is an innovative way to get your team identify the amazing outcome. Then the other Game editions can be used for the further detailing. The doHow® Practices can then be used for catalyse execution excellence.

My targets are too high, and I am behind my target for the year! My strategies are not working!                                                                                                                                        

Good targets always seem too high, it is natural to feel to be behind for such targets. It is also natural to doubt the effectiveness of the strategies. Now then the time is ripe for a “Strategic Break” and to get your entire team for a day’s introspection on how better to synergize.

doHow® is the most effective way to get your team introspect and create synergy for getting pumped up with new insights to actually overachieve that too tough target.


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What is doHow®?


doHow® is your answer to anything and everything in life, to begin with your journey towards excellence in your personal and professional life.


How do I experience the doHow®?


Just visit doHow.in and sign-up to the doHow® APP and start using. doHow® is an online application which can be accessed from your PC, Laptop, Tablet and even Mobile and is simple to navigate. Additionally doHow® is also available as an Android APP, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Any new user gets a FREE wallet balance for trying out before deciding to regularly use after recharging the wallet.


How does doHow® help me?


doHow® helps me in generating ideas using doHow® games, standardising routines through doHow® practices for each topic and getting a dip stick survey of where I stand by using doHow® Bistrot.


How do doHow® games work?


doHow® games work on the Socratic philosophy, where I can generate insights by connecting the dots as I get prompted to think with the contextual doHow® cards. The learning happens at a sub conscious level without me realising that I have learnt and enables me achieve amazing outcomes. The doHow® Games typically need a moderator for facilitating the interaction.

How do doHow® practices work?


doHow® practices helps me to track my progress from a "Beginner" to being a "Master" level in any Work | Life area of my choice. The practices cover different facets to ensure comprehensiveness (360° Perspective), touching upon Assessment, Reporting, Leadership, Evolution, Stakeholders, Functional Excellence and Training.

What is covered by doHow® practices?


doHow® practices help me run my regular (daily, weekly, monthly,...) reviews in a structured format, so that no points are missed irrespective of who conducts the meeting. I can also attach various photo evidence and documents discussed during the meetings. A report then gets sent out to all involved automatically, so that everyone is on the same page. The person who conducts the meeting and his coach can rate the meeting additionally to further improve their effectiveness. All this is done in systematically and automatically! 

How do doHow® Bistrot work?


doHow® Bistrot is a tool to give you online and instantaneous feedback about any activity, product introductions, presentation feedback in big conferences and seminars, feedback on various initiatives within an organisation, etc. from large number of people at once. The doHow® Bistrot is an extension of the doHow® practices and would need a moderator for facilitating the interaction.