Samuthána Alliance

The demand for SUSTAINABLE PROFITABLE GROWTH is phenomenal in all the countries, since the free market economy is quite common across our world. However, the supply of resources and offerings to meet this demand is rather fragmented on the one hand and on the other hand extremely intangible with a huge variance in competence making the demand side endlessly procrastinate the decision to seek support.

Unlike the continuous value engineering and mass production of the various tangible physical and technology products/services, the intangible Consultancy and Coaching products/services exhibit neither systematic value engineering nor the feasibility to mass deliver. Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP desires to bridge this gap by creating the Samuthána Alliance for fulfilling its purpose of creating world-class companies and exceptional leaders.

The alliance network comprises of doHow® EXPERTS for growing the body of knowledge, Pre-sales PARTNERS for developing business and acquiring new clients and markets, doHow® COACHES to mass deliver our body of knowledge across the world in the local languages and sourcing PARTNERS to provide other business services to our clients. Samuthána Alliance Members are either Associates, who act as brand ambassadors for Samuthána or Partners, who additionally commit a certain period of time exclusive to Samuthána.

During a structured weekly meeting (Web/Physical) all the alliance partners get to interact with each other so that together the way forward to create an excellence for sustainable profitable growth can be driven proactively.